Guidance on Submitting a Whistleblower Report

If you suspect or have knowledge of illegal acts or questionable accounting or auditing matters, you are encouraged to report such matters to our independent whistleblowing service provider, CanaGlobe Compliance Solutions. Before filing your report, it is important to gather as much information as possible to assist in the investigation, including names, dates, places and the events that took place. Also include your perception of why the incident(s) may be a violation

Who will receive your report?

All communication will be between yourself and a representative from CanaGlobe Compliance Solutions, an independent third party, and at no time will you be communicating directly with a representative from YSS Corp., unless you choose to do so. Your contact information, if included in your report, is never shared with YSS Corp. unless CanaGlobe is provided written authorization to do so or you choose to share it with them directly.

Protection from Retaliation

Any employee, consultant, or contractor who reports a violation or incident in good faith and with the absence of malice will not be the subject of retaliatory actions against them by YSS Corp.

How To Submit Your Report

YSS Corp. has retained CanaGlobe Compliance Solutions, an independent service provider, to receive all Whistleblower reports via the internet, telephone or fax.

Submission by Internet
  • Go to reporting website: reporting.canaglobecompliance.com
  • Enter the Login ID: yssc89WB
  • Follow the steps of the reporting system and be sure to write down your receipt number so that you can log back in to check for a response or to provide additional information.
Submission by Telephone and Fax
  • Toll Free in Canada and the United States: 1‐888‐650‐7768
  • When using the telephone service, you will be instructed to leave a voice message with the details of your complaint.
  • The toll-free number does not subscribe to call display.

View YSS’ full Whistleblower Policy